Accounting & Finance

About the author

Ewoud Jansen is a senior member of the academic staff of the International Business and Management Studies program at Fontys University in Eindhoven.
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This website belongs to the textbook Accounting & Finance, subjects widely discussed in many other books. What sets this book apart from most others is that it discusses all the basic aspects of finance and accounting in one single textbook. Three areas of interest are discussed: financial management, management accounting and financial accounting. 


The website contains additional material that students can study and practice to improve their understanding of certain topics. Also, there is more in depth coverage of some topics that could not be included in the book. To link the material of the book to the business world, news clippings are provided. Finally the website contains the solutions to the end of chapter exercises given in the book. Extra material for teachers will also be available shortly. 


We at Eleven International Publishing hope this website enhances the use of the book. Your comments and feedback are greatly appreciated. Click here to leave your comments and other feedback.


This book can be ordered through the website of Boom hoger onderwijs.